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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Asana Soul Practice

10 weekends, Fall 2023

October 2023 through February 2024

Off for all holiday weekends.

Location: Split between the Hoboken & JC Studios.

100% in person

Fridays: 7:00pm -9:30pm | Saturdays: 1:30 – 7:30pm | Sundays: 1:00 – 6:00pm

We are excited to launch our next 200 hour yoga teacher training program led by founder, Celeste Cusumano and lead teacher, Lauren Hemley! 

Our teaching team will guide you through this life changing experience, allowing you to deepen your practice and come out of this training ready to teach yoga.

Celeste and Lauren have built this training with a focus on practice teaching. We want our students to find their voice and to feel confident that they can lead a class after our 10 week training. Not only will you find your voice, you’ll receive a well-rounded training, diving into the heart of yoga: exploring not just the physical practice, but also the spiritual, magical, wonderful aspects of living a yogic lifestyle. You will learn about yourself in this training; expect growth, inspiration, and connection to something deeper. Then learn how to share and express that passion and inspiration through your very own yoga classes. Here at Asana Soul Practice, it’s not just your average yoga class; it’s a soul practice, an experience. 

Teacher Training

Restorative Yoga Training

Date: TBA

Restorative Yoga is a practice of being rather than doing. Poses are held for anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes (or more!) to allow the body to deeply rest and the mind to move towards stillness. We are using props to support poses in order to allow the body to fully be held and relax, which can release deeply held layers of tension. Restorative Yoga also helps to balance the nervous and endocrine systems and increase blood flow to all of the organs and tissues of the body. It is a perfect practice for recovering from injuries and creating balance within a busy, active life. Restorative Yoga is a meditative practice that provides healing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

This training will give you the tools to confidently practice and teach Restorative Yoga. It is appropriate for yoga teachers and healers who want to be able to guide others through a practice and also for those that want to deepen their own practice (You do not need to be a 200 hour certified yoga teacher).
Space is limited to 20 people, be sure to reserve your space as soon as possible.


  • Introduction to Restorative Yoga and the Nervous System​

  • Prop Meet & Greet, Restorative Yoga Poses for Moving the Spine in 6 ways​

  • Verbal and Hands on Assists for Restorative Yoga​

  • Holding Space for Healing: Guiding meditation and offering support


  • Learn the history of Restorative Yoga and the principle of “salamba,” or support

  • Understand the nervous system and the benefits of a slow, relaxing asana practice

  • Play with props–how to use props for support and what benefits different types of props offer

  • Experience many different Restorative Yoga postures and learn how to teach them

  • Practice guiding meditation and holding space for healing

  • Learn the art of verbal and hands on assists in Restorative Yoga

  • Transform your life through rest: practice restorative postures both in training days and by developing a daily practice at home.

Prenatal Yoga Training

Teaching Yoga to pregnant beings is magical, inspiring, feminist work

It’s also just practical. Sometimes your student will be pregnant. 

This 75-hour, livestream training dives deeply into womxn’s anatomy, functional movement in pregnancy & how to modify asana & breath-work for pregnant folks.

By its completion…

You’ll be ready to lead safe, effective, meaningful Prenatal Yoga classes

And feel confident when pregnant students come to your non-prenatal class.