Sound Healing & Tuning Fork Therapy

What is sound healing?

Sound healing is an ancient practice that has been implemented in countless ways over the course of human history. Modern science has only just begun to catch up in terms of its understanding of the benefits that sound has on the human body and consciousness. Sound travels through water approximately 4 times faster than any other medium, and the body is made of 70% water. So healing vibrations have the capacity to reach all of the tissues and organs of the body on a cellular level. Sound therapy can help to balance the nervous and endocrine systems, and sound vibrations have been shown to release nitric oxide in the body which helps to increase blood flow and lower blood pressure. Sound also provides a binaural experience for the brain, initiating all five types of brain waves that promote relaxation, creativity, and high level thinking.

“Soundbaths” or Sound Meditations have become increasingly popular alongside other mindfulness and meditative practices that have taken root in the US. Soundbaths are typically facilitated with participants lying down so that the body can deeply relax. Facilitators play a variety of instruments, usually including singing bowls. The sound vibrations provide a deeply meditative and healing space for participants.


The sound healing sessions that I offer for individuals and small groups in my studio are centered around Tuning Fork Therapy

Bronze singing bowls

Crystal singing bowls

Cosmic guitar



Tuning forks

Classical, folk, world instruments

Binaural tones

Environmental sound simulations

Voice toning and mantra

Sound Healing & Tuning Fork Therapy

What is Tuning Fork Therapy?

Tuning forks provide a non-invasive way to access the meridians and recalibrate all of the systems of the physical body and energy body. Meridians are energetic channels that are the basis of the healing modality in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The tuning forks are a great tool to access specific acupuncture points through vibrations rather than the use of needles.

The forks are tuned to a frequency in a harmonic series based on the orbital properties of the planets in our solar system. Each fork carries the archetypal energy of a planet based on the velocity of the orbit of that planet around the sun, transposed to a musical frequency. This is based on the work of astronomers, mathematicians, and musicologists over hundreds of years of cumulative scientific inquiry.


Sounds in a Tuning Fork Session:

  • Tuning Forks
  • Bronze singing bowls
  • Chimes
  • Drum
  • Voice toning and mantra

What is a Tuning Fork Session like?

The sessions that I am offering will be given on a massage table in my Jersey City studio. We will do a check in to see what to focus on and what to avoid. Then I will choose a combination of tuning forks to use on various acupuncture points, chakras, and areas of pain or tension in the body. The session will also include additional sound therapy such as Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, and mantra singing.

Come to relax, restore, and tune your body to the frequency of the universe.

Tuning Fork Sessions in my home studio can include up to 4 people. (Only individual sessions will be on the massage table, otherwise the session will be lying on blankets on the floor.)

Tuning fork therapy can also be added to private yoga sessions!

Tuning Fork Therapy Sessions for Individuals (and up to 4 people)
in my Jersey City studio:

Soundbaths and Tuning Fork Therapy for
Groups and Special Events:

Yoga Studios, Gyms, Spas, Private Events, Corporations

My colleagues and I facilitate expertly led Soundbaths that include a multi sensory experience of breath, scent, and plethora of sounds including singing bowls, guitar, drums, chimes, and more.

Our Soundbath experiences are healing and transformative for personal wellbeing as well as business productivity. If you are interested in hosting a Soundbath, please use the link below to book a connection call so that we can curate your experience and provide a quote.

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