Trainings & Coaching

Coaching for Transformation

A Three or Six Month Coaching Journey with Lauren Hemley

You’re ready for transformation.

You want to develop consistency in how you take care of yourself and break free from negative habits.

You want confidence, self trust, and the ability to take care of your challenging emotions.

You’re ready to let go of perfectionism and move forward in meaningful ways.

AND you’re ready to feel your power internally every day and take the actions to create what you want.

Your joyful life is yours to create, and it all begins with you.

You’re ready for Coaching for Transformation.

Trainings & Coachings

What is the Coaching for Transformation Program?

Coaching for Transformation is a three to six month program for people who are ready to commit to meaningful change and develop intentional action to create their dream life. 

You’ll work with Lauren Hemley to move from your current challenges —> empowerment and transformation. 

Who it’s not for: 

  • Stuck in victim mentality and unwilling to take responsibility for your life

  • Unwilling to receive feedback

  • Hoping for a quick fix and unwilling to commit to consistent practices

Is it right for you?

  • You’re ready to shift the patterns holding you back 

  • You’re ready to work with your emotions vs being the victim of them 

  • You’re open to using yogic philosophy to grow 

  • You’re ready to be creator of your life vs listening to your excuses 

  • You’re ready to take full responsibility for what you create

What’s Included?


1:1 Coaching Calls

Uncover where you’re stuck and move towards the most vibrant version of yourself. We use yogic principles, mindfulness tools, and energy work.

Success Mapping Call

Your personal roadmap towards accomplishing your goals during the program, we’ll craft a clear vision together + a clear plan of action

Unlimited Text/Voxer support 

You get me in your back pocket every single day for the next three to six months for whatever comes up during the program, I’m here for you.

Free access to online meditations and discounts on upcoming programs. 

Participate in monthly meditations for the full moon via zoom

Discounts on retreats and group programs

3 Months

$3000 paid in full



6 Months

$5000 paid in full




I decided to work with Lauren because through her classes I could tell she has a lot of knowledge to share. I loved how she offered a practical look at yoga philosophy and how to apply it to life, particularly mine. This lens was helpful when challenges arise and inspired how to structure my own yoga classes and teachings. If you are willing to see yourself through a yogic lens for a better connection to self working with Lauren is for you.   


I have experienced more gratitude and trust in myself and the possibilities that are out there.  I have found faith in being open to those possibilities and creating my world that I live in and knowing and believing that I created them…I would recommend Lauren 100% to everybody.  In fact, I refer her to everyone that I am friends with who are looking for transformation.


“You have a lot of experience with understanding your own self so you are able to offer assistance to others and able to understand where they might be coming from. Your approach is very compassionate, you’re a great listener. I always felt like you really tried to understand the root of what I was feeling and why.” – Nathalie